This page is specifically for people who want to go to Kailash and wish to take a guide line from us and help us to take decision for Travel agent. Which travel agent one should finalize? What to check ? What to ask? We as an association felt that there is need to update people who surf on online and pick their travel agents based on the inputs given on the website and sales talk given by them. We have given some links of complaint against certain travel agents who are in business of Kailash Mansarovar but have not taken their job seriously.

We request you to go to google and search with the respective name of travel agent and write complaints or issues behind it Google will display all the complaints and issues related to particular travel agency you have queried for. We stress that one should book with local travel agency or India based travel agency only as they can be brought to court of law and are answerable to you in court of law. There has been several instances where our Indian yatris have been cheated by other countries small time travel agents and small time operators operating in India. There are travel agents who claim of having 15 - 20 yrs of experience just cross check it by asking travel agent to give reference of people traveled 15 yrs ago or check their passport which should have Nepal and China entry exit information.

Always make payment by Cheque and ask for proper receipt for your payments this will give you proof of payments and cross check the good will and credentials of the travel agent with whom you are booking your tour.

We wish that your holy tour will be successful  and safe.