We at KMTAA are group of Travel Agents/operators, dealing exclusively in Kailash Mansarovar tour, ever since the route of Nepal was set open by China since 1992 our members have been organizing tours to Kailash. The tour to Kailash has seen lots of changes in these years and lots of up gradation in infrastructure by China government who has played major role in up bringing this place. But since past 5 - 7 years it was our experience that lots of travel agents have come and started marketing Kailash in India with out proper back ground in this yatra and experience this has let to serious problems to the yatris. We have seen some agents have over committed services to yatris and after going on tour yatris come to know the facts.

There is huge numbers of complaints against some operators who offer low price and give inferior services which at times prove life threatening to yatris of Kailash. Do not get lured with such offers as good service will never come at low price. Since is yatri is done once in life time it is advised that you take your decision very carefully and zero in at proper travel agent.

Travel agent registered with us will ensure good service and if you have any grievances you can always approach us for with the problem and complaints to our panel and we shall ensure that you get justice.

Role of KMTAA is to enlighten yatris bring fair trade practice into travel agents and represent this forum to Indian Government for various issues faced by Travel Agents and Indian pilgrims in this sector.

HELPLINE : 079 27473369 ( 10:00 AM TO 06:00 PM ) SUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS CLOSED